Roof Types for Homes

Roofs are easily neglected since it’s all the way up on top of your house and mostly out of sight, right? Well roofs are very important, so important that the phrase “having a roof overhead” has become one of the most common ways to say you have a place to live. A good roof is the best way to protect your home from the elements. In the article we’re going to look at a couple different roofing materials suggested to us by Roof Cleaning RI.

Rolled Roofing is the material often used on shops, sheds and low-slope residencies. It’s one of the more affordable types of roofing material and lasts about 10 years before it needs to get replaced.

Asphalt Composite Shingles are, hands down, the most common and definitely the most popular type of roofing material in all of North America and can be found on the majority of residential homes. You will most often get a warranty of between 20-30 years for your roofing with this option, and it’s a little more pricey than rooled roofing but still pretty affordable.

Metal Shingles/Shakes are a little more pricey, but can last homeowners up to 50 years. They’re made from stamped metal and are made to look just like traditional asphalt shingles. For those of us that value appearance most, these are an excellent option.

There are many more types of roofing (clay tiles, wood shingles, concrete tiles, slate shingles, etc) but here are a couple to get you started.